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Betway Casino is home to some of the most exciting and rewarding casino games on the Internet. Powered by Microgaming software, an industry leader of innovative and reliable gaming solutions, Betway Casino is able to offer its players a wide selection of elite games within a safe and secure environment.

Play at our casino games and experience the thrills of Las Vegas in the comfort of your own home. Take your choice from different versions of the most popular games including Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. At Betway Casino there really is a game to suit everyone and, to ensure fair and honest play, the payout percentage of each casino game is published on a monthly basis and averages around 95%.


Try your hand at some of the latest and greatest Slot games. Ultra-slick graphics and big payouts are waiting, so pick your Slot game and join the fun in Betway Casino.

Casino bets, wins and balances are displayed in credits or coins, depending of the game you are playing. Please find below the definitions of Casino Coins and Casino Credits:

1. Casino Coins
Coins are counters used to represent a monetary value. The value of a coin is known as the coin size and is measured in credits. So, if the game you are playing represents bets and wins in coins, the actual monetary value of the bets and wins is measured in credits.
The formula to calculate the conversion of coins to credits is:
number of coins x credit coin size = amount of credits. For example, 5 coins x 2 credit coin size = 10 credits.

2. Casino Credits
* Credits represent a monetary value in Euros. So, if the game you are playing represents bets or wins in credits, the credit value is the actual monetary value you bet or win.
The formula to calculate the conversion of credits to coins is:
amount in credits / number of coins = credit coin size. For example, 20 credits / 10 coins = 2 credit coin size.

* When you deposit or withdraw funds from Betway, your transaction is represented as credits.

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The most iconic of all casino games! Stunning graphics and generous rewards combine to make this an exceptional gaming experience. Take a spin of the Roulette wheel today.

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Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most elegant table games in the world. Its reputation for exhilarating play and hot winning streaks is legendary. Choose from a winning array of Blackjack tables and discover the magic of this classic Vegas game for yourself.

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Feel the thrill and excitement of online Baccarat at Betway Casino. A simple throw of the cards can result in big wins at this captivating table game.

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