Baccarat is a board game which dates back to fourteenth century Italy. The game offers the possibility of getting big money betting on "player", "banking" or a tie between them. "The Gambler" and "banks" do not refer to the casino or the player, you have to choose who you want to bet on each hand. The winning hand is the one that gets the highest score (9 is the highest possible winning combination).

A hand is calculated by adding the value of the selected card:
Map 2-9: correspond to the normal value
Up cards (J, Q, K) correspond to 0
Is corresponding to 1

Hands with a value above 10 will be subject to the rule of "module". For example, a hand with 5 + Es = 6, but a hand with 4 + 6 = 0 (modulo 10). This is the lowest possible hand and gives its name to the game: baccarat. All results of the hands are automatically calculated during the game itself so it is very easy to follow. Practice makes perfect and quickly get to understand the result. All winning hands pay 2:1, and a Tie bet gives a 8:1 result. Due to the limited benefit of the casino, Baccarat is one of the favorite games among the big players, and betting options on Betway Casino ranging from 1 to 500 per hand. Make big bets to win big. Baccarat game provides an experience of intense and rewarding. So please feel free Betway Casino today and see for yourself why baccarat is the favorite game of James Bond

Game Rules
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